On this page you will find our upcoming events, please check back to see what we have planned. For Further Info on these events please do not hesitate to contact us.



Sunday 13th January

Pony Afternoon - 1:30 - 3:30 

£28 (Pony Club Members) - £32 (Non-Members)


Sunday 20th January

Gymkhana (Races) 

12:30 - 1:00 Lead Rein £18 (Pony Club Members) - £22 (Non-Members)

1:00 - 1:45 Novice £20 (Pony Club Members) - £24 (Non-Members)

1:45 - 2.30 Experienced £20 (Pony Club Members) - £22 (Non-Members)


Saturday 26th January

Mini and Big PC Badge - 2.30 -3.30 £12


Sunday 27th January

Dressage 1pm onwards

Intro A (2008); Prelim 2 (2016); Novice 24 (2010)

£25 once class/ £40 for two (own horse only £10 per class)


Sunday 3rd February

Showjumping 1pm onwards

40cm Clear Round; 50cm Novice; 60cm Intermediate; Top Score

£35 inc 1 clear round and 2 classes (Own horse £5 clear round/£7)


Sunday 10th February

Pony Afternoon

1.30-3.30 £28 (Pony Club Members) - £32 (Non-Members)


Sunday 17th February

Mini Showjumping 1pm onwards (Lead rein/help allowed in clear round and absolute beginners)

20cm Clear Round; 30cm Absolute Beginners; 40cm Beginners; Barrel Jumping 

£35 inc 1 clear round and 2 classes 


Sunday 24th February

Dressage 1pm onwards 

Intro B (2009); Prelim 14 (2006); Novice 27 (2007)

£25 one class/ £40 for two (Own horse only £10 a class)


Saturday 2nd March

Mini and Big PC Badge - 2.30 -3.30 £12


Sunday 3rd March

Showjumping 1pm onwards

45cm Clear Round; 55cm Novice; 65cm Intermediate; Top Score

£35 inc clear round and 2 classes (Own horse £5 clear round/£7)


Sunday 10th March 

Pony Afternoon 1.30 - 3.30 £12


Sunday 10th March

RDA Tests 1pm onwards - £15


Sunday 17th March

Gymkhana Races 

1:30 - 2.00 Lead Rein £18 (Pony Club Members) - £22 (Non-Members)

2:00 - 2:45 Novice £20 (Pony Club Members) - £24 (Non-Members)

2:45 - 3.30 Experienced £20 (Pony Club Members) - £22 (Non-Members)


Sunday 24th March

Dressage 1pm onwards 

Intro C (2016); Prelim 18 (2002); Novice 30 (2006)

£25 one class/ £40 for two (Own horse only £10 a class)


Sunday 31st March

Showjumping 1pm onwards

45cm Clear Round; 55cm Novice; 65cm Intermediate; Top Score

£35 inc clear round and 2 classes (Own horse £5 clear round/£7)


Weekly Pony Club Sessions (1hour) £10 each

Monday 5:30pm

Saturday 11:00am

Sunday 9:30am


We are offering hour longshowjumping lessons on a Sunday at 11am and Thursday at 5.30pm. £20 each.


Day Courses (9.30am-4.00pm) Monday to Friday - if your child is off school for holidays or training days, Wilsden Equestrian Centre is the perfect place for them.

£36 (Pony Club Members) -  £40 (Non-Members).


If you are unsure on what you can enter or feel confident entering, speak to a member of staff who would be more than happy to advise you.


Please contact us to book, or for any enquiries regarding these events 




We have two evening events in 2019, both events require tickets to be pre-purchased and require you to state your food choice before the event.


Our annual presentation takes place on Friday 4th January, 7:00pm, at Bradford and Bingley Rugby Club. (More info on the facebook page) 

Our annual RDA charity dinner is taking place on Sunday 5th May, 7:00pm, at Bradford City Football club. (More info on the facebook page)

We have our new homemade fillers for the jumps looking fantastic ready for our jumping competitions we hope your horse likes other animals.


Just an example below of the pigs we have created. There is also caterpillars and worms to give some variety to our course.


Please contact us if you would like to buy any of our fillers as we can make them on request with almost any design on. 

We have a great catering area for our events, which serves hot and cold drinks, crisps, chocolate and a variety of other great treats at a brilliant price.

We are located at:

Wilsden Equestrian Centre

New House Farm



BD15 0LQ

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